Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Law Enforcement in New Hope

Cops who patrol the streets of New Hope and also the roads outside the city.  Armed with a BAP and at times a shotgun as a back up weapon, they do what they can to keep the citizens safe and also to keep tabs on the criminal element of the city.

Composed of the city's militia, the Special Weapons and Tactics members of New Hope are called in to help the police in dire situations and to help maintain control.  Skuller and Psykotix troubles have seen SWAT called onto the scene many times.  Their armoured protection is better than the police units.  They are armed with assault rifles and are in constant communication with helmet com-links.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

New Hope: The Syndicate

Been working long hours and 6 day weeks lately, so no updates as of late.  But now the next occupants of the New Hope underworld: The Syndicate.

The organized crime of the future hasn't changed much.  They seek profits and total control of New Hope's black market.  While they do try to avoid being in the spotlight, they still have occasional run ins with the Skullerz and Psykotix.  Some view them as a greater threat to New Hope than any of the "gangs", as they try to represent themselves as respectable citizens and do what's in the best interest of New Hope, while acquiring "favors" from those in government positions to increase their influence and power.

The rest of the criminal element.

Not all who come to New Hope prosper.  Some are driven to criminal actions as a means of survival on a daily basis just to get by.  Then there are others who are thugs by nature, providing fresh recruits for the gangs of the streets, or looking to start their own gangs.  As with any major metropolitan area, it is a problem to deal with.  But New Hope has a way of facing this trouble: Law Enforcement.

Up Next:  The Cops of New Hope.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Gangs of New Hope...The Psykotix

The Psykotix
They are in the drug trade in deal in all exotic substances and are currently the most feared gang in all of New Hope.  Most likely because they dont seem to care...about anything.  Chaos is in their nature and and they continue to spread the idea that the only certian thing in this universe is that "nothing is ever for certain".  The Psykotix have sacrificed profits (and on occasion their own members) to prove this point.  One never knows what will happen when coming across one of them...they may ignore you, hand you a bag of credits, give you a weapon and dare you to shoot them, or simply kill you on sight.  This kind of erratic behavoir makes them dangerous and practically impossible to reason with.

The Psykotix Leader.
Not much is known about him.  Where he comes from or what his agenda is, that's anyone's guess.  He controls his territory through fear and spreading his message of hopelessness throught the city, which is what makes his drug businesss so profitable.  When there is no hope, drug sales soar.

Law enforcement has had little success against him.  He is hard to find, always on the move...and they simply dont know what he will do next or where he will show up.  Battles with the Skullerz have helped to keep him in check, and many times the police are content to just let them fight it out amongst themselves, and then come in to mop up afterwards.