Saturday, December 31, 2011


These female humanoids are described as being outgoing and a bit vain.  They love the attention and being in the middle of things, which is why they tend to be found in either exotic and/or criminal professions.  Their speed and quick initiative makes them formidable gun hands...and the government has tried and failed to recruit them into the police force.  Seems that they are just solely out for themselves.  The younger Xeogs are geenish in color, that is until the unknown type of "transformation" occurs, in which they become a shade of blue.  Their striking beauty gives them a distinct advantage in dealings with members of the opposite sex...and what's worse is that they know it.

Next...the big guys...gonna try to create a Grath.

Friday, December 30, 2011

Razors and Hishen

The female humanoid Razors are usually associated with Hishen, and frequently lead them in matters of mainly a questionable nature.  They are adept in hand to hand combat and can conjure up a mental blast that can damage their opponents.
Hishen are a little smaller than the average basic human.  Most times led by a Razor, they are not the bravest of creatures when on their own, so they always travel in packs.  While they mostly ply their skills in illegal activities, they can also occasionally be hired as mercenaries or pilots.


Thursday, December 29, 2011

Zhuh-Zhuhs in New Hope

After a hiatus for a while, I thought I'd try my hand at creating Zhuh-Zhuhs for 5150:New Beginnings.  They are described as being gorilla-like in appearance and physicality, with the larger Zhuhs and their smaller cousins, the Muggies.

Intelligent creatures, they have immersed themselves in New Hope in all manners of society...the white collar business world, the blue collar work force, and some have fallen into the underworld of the gang life and other illegal activities...with the little Muggies everywhere in between.

And there are those that have chosen to join the police force, helping to keep the city streets safe for all citizens.

Up next...
Xeogs, Razors and Hishen