Saturday, July 2, 2011

October 106 A.D. 2nd Match

     The 2nd match for this month has my murmillo, Kagan with stats of Savvy-4 Strength-3 Speed-3 to go against a rolled up opponent who is a thraex named Porcio, with stats of Savvy-2 Strength-3 Speed-3...bad luck rolls on his low Savvy...I guess you can attribute this to being a very inexperienced or undisciplined fighter, which gives a big advantage to Kagan.  That's good for me as I have already had my 1st match end in a loss.
     So begins the 2nd match...

A great match for Kagan up until the end, where he got into a bit of trouble and was fortunate to have a large shield to block that final blow which could have been dangerous...also fortunate that the thraex was out of energy at the time as well.  Porcio decided at that point that it was all or nothing, since he had many wounds and time seemed to be running out for him as both his arms were almost useless from wounds received from the murmillo.  All in all, I'm happy with the results.  Kagan gets the win and Porcio lives to fight another day.  Fringe of the Empire locales dont have very many deaths in the arena.  But that will change when I get the chance to move my ludis closer to Rome where the rewards are greater, as are the risks and opponents.
Up next, 3rd match for October 106 A.D.

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