Saturday, December 31, 2011


These female humanoids are described as being outgoing and a bit vain.  They love the attention and being in the middle of things, which is why they tend to be found in either exotic and/or criminal professions.  Their speed and quick initiative makes them formidable gun hands...and the government has tried and failed to recruit them into the police force.  Seems that they are just solely out for themselves.  The younger Xeogs are geenish in color, that is until the unknown type of "transformation" occurs, in which they become a shade of blue.  Their striking beauty gives them a distinct advantage in dealings with members of the opposite sex...and what's worse is that they know it.

Next...the big guys...gonna try to create a Grath.

Friday, December 30, 2011

Razors and Hishen

The female humanoid Razors are usually associated with Hishen, and frequently lead them in matters of mainly a questionable nature.  They are adept in hand to hand combat and can conjure up a mental blast that can damage their opponents.
Hishen are a little smaller than the average basic human.  Most times led by a Razor, they are not the bravest of creatures when on their own, so they always travel in packs.  While they mostly ply their skills in illegal activities, they can also occasionally be hired as mercenaries or pilots.


Thursday, December 29, 2011

Zhuh-Zhuhs in New Hope

After a hiatus for a while, I thought I'd try my hand at creating Zhuh-Zhuhs for 5150:New Beginnings.  They are described as being gorilla-like in appearance and physicality, with the larger Zhuhs and their smaller cousins, the Muggies.

Intelligent creatures, they have immersed themselves in New Hope in all manners of society...the white collar business world, the blue collar work force, and some have fallen into the underworld of the gang life and other illegal activities...with the little Muggies everywhere in between.

And there are those that have chosen to join the police force, helping to keep the city streets safe for all citizens.

Up next...
Xeogs, Razors and Hishen

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Law Enforcement in New Hope

Cops who patrol the streets of New Hope and also the roads outside the city.  Armed with a BAP and at times a shotgun as a back up weapon, they do what they can to keep the citizens safe and also to keep tabs on the criminal element of the city.

Composed of the city's militia, the Special Weapons and Tactics members of New Hope are called in to help the police in dire situations and to help maintain control.  Skuller and Psykotix troubles have seen SWAT called onto the scene many times.  Their armoured protection is better than the police units.  They are armed with assault rifles and are in constant communication with helmet com-links.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

New Hope: The Syndicate

Been working long hours and 6 day weeks lately, so no updates as of late.  But now the next occupants of the New Hope underworld: The Syndicate.

The organized crime of the future hasn't changed much.  They seek profits and total control of New Hope's black market.  While they do try to avoid being in the spotlight, they still have occasional run ins with the Skullerz and Psykotix.  Some view them as a greater threat to New Hope than any of the "gangs", as they try to represent themselves as respectable citizens and do what's in the best interest of New Hope, while acquiring "favors" from those in government positions to increase their influence and power.

The rest of the criminal element.

Not all who come to New Hope prosper.  Some are driven to criminal actions as a means of survival on a daily basis just to get by.  Then there are others who are thugs by nature, providing fresh recruits for the gangs of the streets, or looking to start their own gangs.  As with any major metropolitan area, it is a problem to deal with.  But New Hope has a way of facing this trouble: Law Enforcement.

Up Next:  The Cops of New Hope.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Gangs of New Hope...The Psykotix

The Psykotix
They are in the drug trade in deal in all exotic substances and are currently the most feared gang in all of New Hope.  Most likely because they dont seem to care...about anything.  Chaos is in their nature and and they continue to spread the idea that the only certian thing in this universe is that "nothing is ever for certain".  The Psykotix have sacrificed profits (and on occasion their own members) to prove this point.  One never knows what will happen when coming across one of them...they may ignore you, hand you a bag of credits, give you a weapon and dare you to shoot them, or simply kill you on sight.  This kind of erratic behavoir makes them dangerous and practically impossible to reason with.

The Psykotix Leader.
Not much is known about him.  Where he comes from or what his agenda is, that's anyone's guess.  He controls his territory through fear and spreading his message of hopelessness throught the city, which is what makes his drug businesss so profitable.  When there is no hope, drug sales soar.

Law enforcement has had little success against him.  He is hard to find, always on the move...and they simply dont know what he will do next or where he will show up.  Battles with the Skullerz have helped to keep him in check, and many times the police are content to just let them fight it out amongst themselves, and then come in to mop up afterwards.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Gangs of New Hope...The Skullerz

With the release of 5150: New Beginnings by Two Hour Wargames, I thought I would try to populate the city of New Hope and add a little color and some back round to the campaign setting.

The city of New Hope is a perfect place for gangs.  Gun running and the drug trade, are lucrative businesses for those willing to take the risk.

The 1970s movie, "The Warriors" had gangs who all had a certain look\attribute that set them apart from the other gangs.  I want to try this same approach for those of New Hope.
                                                        Click on image for a larger view.
So the first gang I came up with were the Skullerz...gun runners who took on the look of death, and embraced it as their own.  Perhaps their look is meant to intimidate all those who oppose they like to say,  "When you look upon a Skuller, you look upon death."  Weapons are a big business and for the Skullerz, currently business is good.  Law enforcement does what it can to contain them, but for now they are the most feared gang in all of New Hope, except perhaps for their main rival, The Psykotix.

Up next, the Psykotix...

Monday, September 19, 2011

5150: NB Bounty Hunter\Assassin

The next render is my take on a futuristic Bounty Hunter or Assassin.

Basic Stance

Fast Moving



Maybe I should include a pic for attacking with his sword in close combat...not sure...for that matter, should a pic for close combat be included with each character?  Stuff to consider.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Vassal Project, 5150: New Beginnings

The soon to be released 5150: New Beginnings is a title I’m looking forward to.  It states that there will be different classes and professions to choose from, all taking place within the city of New Hope.

My first thought is the playing pieces.  Being a skirmish type miniatures game involving small groups, each piece will represent one man or woman, or alien, etc.  I thought that maybe having a few different pics of each unit would be good to represent the different states that a given character would be in at the time.

So for my first example, I have a basic Smuggler, or a Hired Gun…

Now on to the different poses to represent the different states/actions the character can be in…from the top-down view as facing will be an important part.

The “Basic” stance This will be used most of the time for the character.  
The “Fast Move”   Running (Fast Moving) will take place alot I feel, so should probably be represented with an image.  Not sure about this image though, so I may change it.

“Shooting”   This one goes without saying…I expect many firefights.

And lastly, being on the ground   This one can represent anything from being knocked down to being stunned/wounded to being out of the fight or obviously dead.
This is what I have in mind so far for each character.  I’ll make some more and post them for anyone who wants to see them and possibly have any ideas/suggestions on what I can do to change or improve on them.
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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Dimachaerus vs. Hoplomachus

Using some newly created 3D images, I have my first BatRep with them from a Vassal mod I'm working on for Red Sand, Blue Sky-Heroes of the Arena from Two Hour Wargames.

Gallipo the Dimachaerus  vs. Drusus the Hoplomachus 

Turns 5 and 6  Both gladiators stay put and gain back some of the energy they spent in turn 4.

Turn 10  Both gladiators catch their breath and gain a bonus die.

Turn 12  Both gladiators maneuver but find no opportunities, so each catch their breath.

Turn 16 and 17  Both gladiators catch their breath.

Turn 21  Both fighters catch their breath.

Turn 23 and 24  Both fighters are tired, so do nothing but catch their breath.

Turn 27  Both catch their breath.

There were a lot of ties on the "Maneuver" chart which resulted in many "Hold and catch breath" or "Step back and catch breath"...and as this match shows, it's not always a killing blow that can win a contest, but how well Bonus Dice are used and how one can outlast their opponent.  

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