Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Been a while...

It's been a while since I've posted here.  I took a long sabbatical after experiencing 2 hard drive crashes and losing all the work I did on making Vassal mods for Two Hour Wargames titles.  Currently, I can't get DAZ studio to work on my new pc, so I turned to the Junior Generals website and use their icons.  While not as pretty as DAZ, they work fine and take up a lot less space on the hard drive.

Lately, I've been working on a mod for Two Hour Wargame's title of "Qwik - Game of the Wasteland".  It's a fun game based on the late 80s post-apocalyptic movie, "Salute of the Jugger".  Or as it was known here in the states as, "The Blood of Heroes".  Loved the movie, and Qwik makes for a fun and brutal contest.  Plus it can be played solo, like all THW titles.

The pieces for Qwik consist of the the different types of players involved.  1 Qwik, who has to carry the skull to the opposing team's stake.  3 Drivers, who are the bruisers that try to take out the players on the other team, and 1 Chain, who usually guards the Qwik, and/or the stake.  Qwiks wear no armour or soft armour, while drivers and chains wear soft or hard armour.

So players for the red team will look like this:
The white boxes contain the skill levels for the skills of SV-Savvy, ST-Strength, and SP-Speed.  The other number above the shoulders (or in the case of the chains, the lower left corner) is the number of bonus dice they currently have.  Underneath, there's a spot to enter the player's name and any possible traits they may have.

So this is what a player for the blue team will look like.  His name is Ford.  He has the Brawler trait and wears soft armor.  His skill levels are Savvy-4, Strength-3, and Speed-2.  He starts with 9 Bonus Dice.
I wanted to be able to see everything about a player in a single glance.  I will post a report of the game and see how it plays out.

Thanks for stopping by.

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