Saturday, July 10, 2010

Gaul Winter Games Match 2

Match 2
The editor stood to announce the next match. "For our next contest, we have Avitus the secutor of House Tyranus."
Avitus entered and stood in front of the closed door behind him, and looked across to the door his opponent would enter through. The crowd started to chant. Avitus could not tell what they were saying. He quickly found out, as the people were chanting his opponent's name.

The chanting became louder as the editor continued, "And from House Bellator, they introduce their own retarius, hailing from the frozen far eastern steppes of the world. Behold!!! The Mighty Nikolai!!!" The crowd erupted as Nikolai had to duck under the doorway as he entered the arena. Cassius leaned forward from the pulpit to gaze upon the giant from the east. He had never seen such a man before and estimated that he stood at least 7 feet tall. His secutor, Avitus would clearly be at a disadvantage. Nikolai held out his trident and swung his net around his head as the crowd chanted his name. He stopped to point his trident at Avitus. At this, Glabrio leaned over to Cassius saying, "Let's see how my own retarius does, eh?"

Avitus drew his gladius, lifted his shield and the editor cried, "Begin!"
Turn 1 Initiative-Nikolai
The giant retarius charged across the sand, casting his net. Avitus lifted his shield, catching it. Before Nikolai could pull it back, the secutor stepped forward and quickly cut the line. Avitus knew that if he got caught in his net, the bigger man would most assuredly finish him.

With the net on the ground behind him, Avitus moved forward to engage. He swung at the bigger man's legs, but his gladius was batted away by the haft of the trident. Nikolai followed it up with the butt of his weapon and struck Avitus in the head.

His helmet took the brunt of the attack, but the force of the giant's attack knocked him off his feet.

The huge retarius stepped forward. Before Avitus could recover from the force of the blow, Nikolai thrust down with his trident, impaling the secutor's upper left leg.

Attack Dice:
Nikolai 13
Avitus 6
Turn 2 Initiative-Avitus
Avitus knocked the trident away with his shield. Nikolai pulled his weapon back which gave Avitus the chance he needed to regain his feet. He rolled over and stood, but his leg was injured and defending himself on the ground took its toll. He already spent most of his energy. He decided to hold back his attack since he just regained his footing and waited for the giant to make his move.

Nikolai stepped back and swung his trident like a club, powerfully hitting the secutor's shield and forcing him back.

Attack Dice:
Nikolai 11
Avitus 3
Turn 3 Initiative-Nikolai
Nikolai pressed his attack once again. His trident struck forward again and again, but Avitus was able to deflect each blow with sword or shield. While not being struck, Avitus was nearly exhausted. He had one final attempt left in him.

He moved forward, but his condition and wounded leg caused him to move too slow. Nikolai blocked the secutor's gladius and swung the butt of his trident low past Avitus's large shield and thumped him on his wounded leg.

Avitus grunted from the contact and fell onto his back, exhausted. He had nothing left to give.

Attack Dice:
Nikolai 7
Avitus 0
Nikolai walked up and leveled his trident at the fallen secutor. The crowd once again began loudly chanting his name while he looked at the editor to await his opponent's fate. They continued to chant, but now pointing their thumbs down and shouting, "KILL, KILL, KILL!!!". The editor wanted to please the mob, so he agreed. Nikolai finished Avitus, then raised his trident with both arms over his head and gave a mighty roar.

As Nikolai passed under the doorway leading back to the holding area, Glabrio said, "Well, that evens things up a bit, eh?"
"He clearly had a size advantage", replied Cassius.
"Like your man, Tullio? I look forward to seeing your big fighter and what he can do."
So do I, Cassius thought to himself.
House Tyranus: 1
House Bellator: 1
Up Next, Match 3...

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