Friday, July 2, 2010

Gaul Winter Games Match 1

106 A.D.
The Winter Games
Cassius looked over his small group of gladiators. This small town in northwest Gaul was as good a place as any to start his career as a lanista. He could hear the orator outside ready the crowd for the beginning of the contests.

"Citizens!!!" In honor of this year's harvest, we make our offering to the Gods!!! May we offer them blood and in turn may they offer us their good graces!!! Let the games begin!!!"

Cassius turned to his newest purchase. "'re first. Fight well and bring honor to my ludus."

Lurio gripped his trident, picked up his net and headed through the door to the arena sand. As he entered the arena, the crowd cheered and the orator announced, "The harvest games this year pit one ludus against another. Cassius Tyranus brings his fresh gladiators to face off against those of the honorable house of Glabrio Bellator. First match sees young retarius, Lurio from ludus Tyranus to be challenged by Flavius, the new secutor from ludus Bellator!!!"
The crowd cheered again as Flavius entered from the opposite door. He looked raw and untested. Lurio thought back to his training match against Salvanius and hoped he had learned enough since then to be successful his first time out as a member of a ludus.

1st Match
Lurio Rep 4 Retarius(20 Attack Dice) vs Flavius Rep 3 Secutor(15 Attack Dice)

Turn 1 Initiative-Lurio
The smaller Lurio moved forward and immediately tried to ensnare the secutor. He threw his net, making the secutor dodge to his left. But in doing so, the untested Flavius lost his balance and fell onto his back, perhaps not used to the weight of his large shield.
Lurio had the advantage. He pulled his net back and charged forward to attack the fallen secutor, but Flavius narrowly avoided the attack and Lurio's trident was thrust deep into the sand.

Flavius regained his feet while Lurio pulled his trident out of the arena floor. He swung wildly at Lurio's head and missed as he ducked. The momentum of his attack caused Flavius to turn slightly to his right and expose his left flank. Lurio stabbed down with his trident and caught Flavius's exposed left leg.
Attack Dice:
Lurio 11
Flavius 6

Turn 2 Initiative-Lurio

Flavius grunted from the pain and Lurio maintained the initiative. He knew that the lesser experienced secutor had lost a lot of energy after being off his feet. Lurio backed up and threw his net again. Flavius was ready this time and dodged to his right, avoiding it. But being a rookie gladiator, he was very tired already and hadnt much energy left to give.

Flavius threw what he had left into his final assault. Lurio avoided his outstretched gladius and stabbed at his left arm. Flavius deflected the blow with his shield and was knocked back.

The wound in his leg unbalanced him and he fell back into the sand once again, out of energy.

Lurio stepped forward and leveled his trident at the fallen secutor and looked to the editor of the games. The crowd is clearly displeased with the secutor and call for his death. The editor agrees and gives a thumb down. Lurio finishes his opponent and walks towards the door he entered from, victorius in his first match.

Lurio earned 3 AP for defeating the Rep 3 Secutor, and now also has 3 points of Fame to start his career.

Cassius grinned at Glabrio Bellator as House Tyranus claimed the first victory in the games.
"We've only just begun, Cassius", replied Glabrio. "Still four more to go."

Next up: Match 2


  1. And it's me again. As soon as I saw the report in my RSS reader I needed to check it out.

    This looks very cool again. There are two questions I'd like to ask you though:

    What do you think about the NPC dice allocation automated rules? I mean the number of dice NPCs use - do they provide interesting challenges and enjoyable games in your opinion? Just to tell you what my opinion is: I found these rules more enjoyable than the ones in Friday Night Fights where you also allocate a number of dice to your NPC opponent.

    And the second question is: How far are you with your Vassal mod? Will you make it available in some time? It would make gaming much easier for me...

    Chest of Colors: All About Miniature Painting

  2. Hey there Mahon...

    I like the NPC use of the dice allocation in RSBS. In my experience it has given me a fair fight in each battle I have run. With the use of the attack dice, it's a little easier to keep track of than in Friday Night Fights, and makes the game run a bit more smoothly and fewer times I need to check the manual.

    The Vassal mod for RSBS is a work in progress as I use it...I'd like to put together a few more arenas to use as a player (hopefully) gets closer to Rome. Also try to put the rest of the gladiator pics in there...I'm certainly no artist. I use alot of pics from RPG Mapshare and other stuff I come across on the web if I like the look of them for the arenas. For the gladiators, I've tried using some pics from "Junior Generals" website.

    I could make it available once I'm done, I guess. I didnt know if anyone would have a need for it, but I could still put it out there just in case. I dont use minis myself, but it seems that most others do, so I thought I was one of the only Vassal users. But once I fix it up a bit more I can post it to the Vassal sight.