Sunday, September 18, 2011

Vassal Project, 5150: New Beginnings

The soon to be released 5150: New Beginnings is a title I’m looking forward to.  It states that there will be different classes and professions to choose from, all taking place within the city of New Hope.

My first thought is the playing pieces.  Being a skirmish type miniatures game involving small groups, each piece will represent one man or woman, or alien, etc.  I thought that maybe having a few different pics of each unit would be good to represent the different states that a given character would be in at the time.

So for my first example, I have a basic Smuggler, or a Hired Gun…

Now on to the different poses to represent the different states/actions the character can be in…from the top-down view as facing will be an important part.

The “Basic” stance This will be used most of the time for the character.  
The “Fast Move”   Running (Fast Moving) will take place alot I feel, so should probably be represented with an image.  Not sure about this image though, so I may change it.

“Shooting”   This one goes without saying…I expect many firefights.

And lastly, being on the ground   This one can represent anything from being knocked down to being stunned/wounded to being out of the fight or obviously dead.
This is what I have in mind so far for each character.  I’ll make some more and post them for anyone who wants to see them and possibly have any ideas/suggestions on what I can do to change or improve on them.
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