Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Gangs of New Hope...The Skullerz

With the release of 5150: New Beginnings by Two Hour Wargames, I thought I would try to populate the city of New Hope and add a little color and some back round to the campaign setting.

The city of New Hope is a perfect place for gangs.  Gun running and the drug trade, are lucrative businesses for those willing to take the risk.

The 1970s movie, "The Warriors" had gangs who all had a certain look\attribute that set them apart from the other gangs.  I want to try this same approach for those of New Hope.
                                                        Click on image for a larger view.
So the first gang I came up with were the Skullerz...gun runners who took on the look of death, and embraced it as their own.  Perhaps their look is meant to intimidate all those who oppose they like to say,  "When you look upon a Skuller, you look upon death."  Weapons are a big business and for the Skullerz, currently business is good.  Law enforcement does what it can to contain them, but for now they are the most feared gang in all of New Hope, except perhaps for their main rival, The Psykotix.

Up next, the Psykotix...

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