Sunday, May 22, 2011

Last Match for September 106 A.D.

I'm gonna try a new method for displaying hit locations and damage to the combatants. Hopefully this will make it a bit easier for the readers to follow, and more fun to read as it will show how much damage has been taken and to what body part...also how many bonus dice each gladiator has left...thanks for stopping by and hope you enjoy!!!

The last match for September 106 has my biggest hopeful in ludus Tyranus...Kagan the murmillo, with the "Brawler" attribute...I have high hopes for this one and eagerly look forward to his career...this last match for this month has my gladiator pitted against another gladiator of equal value(each have 10 attribute points). Cuello the retarius is Savvy-3, Strength-3, Speed-4. While Kagan is at Savvy-4, Strength-3, Speed-3...can the faster retarius take down the more skilled murmillo? The crowd begins to cheer as the gladiators pass through the gates. The signal is given, and the match begins...

Well, the greater speed of the retarius proved to be the difference...aarrgg. But on the plus side, Kagan was spared and will live to fight another day. So back to the ludus to train for next month's matches.

All in all a good month...4 matches won and 1 lost(although the first four matches were against opponents with fewer attribute points...but I'll take the wins anyways)...until the next games.


  1. Very nice. Any chance I could download the vassal module for Red Sands?

  2.'s still a work in progress as of now...not quite finished yet. Still changing some stuff in it.

    Thanks for the comment.