Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Charioteer- A Race Report


I put together a Vassal Mod for "Charioteer", Two Hour Wargame's latest title and a companion for "Red Sand, Blue Sky-Heroes of the Arena". I use Vassal as I can't paint minis, even if my life depended on it. Gonna try learning the ins and outs of "Charioteer" through running a trial race. The chariot racer's stats are on the pieces themselves represented as Savvy(Sv) and Strength(St). Speed(Sp) represents the team of horses, with Bonus Dice in the little box above the Savvy stat. I rolled all stats for the contestants at random in the "heart of the empire" locale. Since this is my first race, there will be no "signatures" or "traits" that further define the individual horses and charioteers. I will be running charioteer Kidd and the other three will be run by the game mechanics.
Going by the initial stats, charioteer Trupo in the purple chariot, has the advantage. He is the strongest and has the fastest team of horses, and thusly has the most bonus dice to start with. I have a slight edge in Savvy, but I'm gonna have to keep an eye on him...
Horses are ready, charioteers have a firm grip on the reins...time to start...first to complete 3 laps we go...

Had a fun makes a great companion to Red Sand, Blue Sky.

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  1. What an exciting race! Congratulations to the winner!