Friday, January 6, 2012

Grath, and Updated Hishen and Xeog

I've changed the looks of the Hishen and gave the Xeog more blue in her color.  Also, my first attempt at a Grath.  Big and strong, they are hard to kill, only with a shot to the head or removing it altogether.  They make great mercearies, and their loyalty makes them excellent bodyguards.

Now to create a character and see if I can make my way in the city of New Hope.


  1. I like the Xeog's skin colour - I've achieved a similar colour on a Blue Moon Shivan using GW Ultramarine Blue. The Shivans are not an exact map - they have horns and a tail - but they're close.

    Do you think the Grath should be wider? As you did with the Hishens' heads, maybe you could keep the Grath's height, while making him thicker, to throw off the proportions we normally expect and make him look more alien.

  2. Great job. However I agree with Kobold, I think the Grath is wider (see the Grath mini from Rebel minis for example).

  3. Kobold...those Shivans are pretty mean looking. Yep, I think you guys are right about the scaling. I'll widen the Grath a bit and also make him a little thicker too. Thanks for taking a look and the observations.