Monday, January 2, 2012

Razors Touched Up

I tried changing the Razors a bit.  Going from a picture I was directed to, I tried to make them a bit more alien looking.  The heads were made a bit more angular with a more pointy like chin.  The temple area on the side of the face was stretched out a little too.  Also, with the red eyes and black pupils makes them a little more mean looking too.  The hands I made slightly bigger with longer fingers, with longer nails, also painted red, for the poison that they can inject into their victims in hand to hand combat.  The previous version seemed to look a little too human.  I tried to gray the skin a bit too, although their heads still shine bright in the sunlight.


  1. Thanks, Koba...I'll see about those Grath next...but I was thinking about touching up the Hishen first.