Monday, July 16, 2012

A Vassal Mod for Red Sand, Black Moon by THW

     Red Sand, Black Moon (RSBM) by Two Hour Wargames is the fantasy version of Red Sand, Blue Sky, the game of gladitorial combat in Ancient Rome.  In Red Sand, Black Moon different fantasy races from the world of Talomir are represented.
     I put together a couple of gladiators to use in the next Vassal mod I'm working on for this fun title.

A Troll...

A Minotaur...

And a Serpent Man...

     Should be an interesting mod to work on.


  1. Brilliant as usual. I never used Vassal but I'll be interested to give it a try with RSBM.

    1. Thanks Koba. Vassal is a good alternative to using minis. It's gonna be fun working on this particular mod for fantasy gladiators. :)