Saturday, July 7, 2012

Vassal module is Done...Finally!!!

     The last couple of months at work has kinda kicked my butt, so work on the Vassal Module for "Red Sand, Blue Sky- Heroes of the Arena" was at a snail's pace.  But I have finally finished it.  Only problem is the file is kinda large (99.5 MB).  I suppose it's kinda picture heavy.  For each gladiator, there are a few different poses involved, including attacking, defending, stumbling, falling prone...and for certain shield carrying gladiators, there are poses for them fighting one handed without their shield if their shield arm becomes useless.  For the net-wielding Retarius, there is a pose for throwing the net.  Of course, none of these different poses is really necessary to play the game, I just added them to spice up any batreps/AARs that anyone wishes to post.  You can simply play out the match with each gladiator(and in some cases animals) in a basic stance.
     There are also Stat Cards for each gladiator and animal.  These contain all the info needed for each fighter involved in a match and they can be edited to show a gladiator's/animal's stats, including their Savvy, Strength, and Speed and also any signatures they may have.  Also in the case of gladiators, a name can be entered on their stat card.  Info for each body part is also shown, which includes any armor it may have as well as that body part's strength and any wounds it may have sustained.
     Here is an example of a Secutor's Stat Card.  This shows the Secutor's card when placed on the board.

This is the Secutor's card after entering the info for him and what his state is during a match.

     I gave him the name, Agrippa with the Brawler signature.  The grey shaded boxes on each body part shows the armor worn, L, A or A+...or U if no armor is worn.  The middle box shows the strength for each body part while the right box will show any wounds that have been suffered (in this case, Agrippa has suffered a wound to his left arm and his right leg...once the number of wounds on a particular body part equals the strength of the body part, it becomes useless.  So if Agrippa suffers 2 more wounds to his left arm, he will not be able to use it).  The grey shaded box under Bonus Dice is the gladiator's starting amount while the box to the right shows his current amount(which will change a lot during a match).  In this example, Agrippa is down to 5, half of what he started with.  Sv, St and the Sp boxes are Savvy, Strength and Speed.  The lower grey shaded boxes in the Right Leg and Left Leg areas are the armor worn on the lower right and lower left leg areas.  In this example, Agrippa has no armor on his upper leg areas while his lower left leg is armored.  
     Here's an example of a Tiger's stat card during a match.

     You can see that the tiger wears no armor(although you could enter an "L", "A" or "A+" if you wanted this particular tiger to have a hard head or if it wore some special kind of armor, it's up to you.  I mistakenly put an "L" for armor on his left hind leg armor area, whoops).  He has also suffered 2 chest wounds and is down to 10 bonus dice from a start of 16.  So anyways, that's how Stat Cards work if you wanted to use them.
     Once I figure out how to upload it to the Vassal website, it will be available to anyone who wants to give it a go.
     Thanks for stopping by, and thanks to Two Hour Wargames for a fun game.


  1. Thanks, guys...hope you enjoy. If there is any way to improve it or fix any mistakes I may have missed, let me know. Would love to see some batreps :-)