Tuesday, June 22, 2010


September 106 AD
Southwestern Britannia
An account of Salvanius

I enjoyed my life as a fisherman. I loved living on the coast...the clear, cool days and the crisp nights. I'd spend the days on my father's boat, catching whatever would bite and earn my living. The evenings I would dine with the family and look west across the Pacific and wonder what lay beyond the horizon. Life was peaceful, life was good.

Until the Romans came...turns out I should have been looking East.

The Roman Legions overran our tribal defenses and we were forcibly integrated into what was called the greater "Roman Empire". Diplomats from Rome tried to convince us of the benfits of Roman citizenship. Those of us that resisted were taken and made public examples of what it was to stand against Rome. The lucky ones, like me, were made slaves to serve our new conquerers. Some of the able bodied males were rounded up by Legionaries and taken to their barracks.

Lining us up along a wall, a centurion walked by, inspecting us one by one. Stopping in front of me, he asked "What is your name?" When I didnt immediately reply, a nearby legionaire said, "Speak!", and I felt a sharp blow to my ribs from the pommel of his sword. I looked into the centurion's eyes and said, "Salvanius". I dont know why he singled me out. I like to think that he could see the hatred in my eyes. Unphased, he gave a nod to his subordinate.

I was given a large shield and a sword called a gladius, and led to a sand filled, square shaped area surrounded by a wooden wall. I was pushed through the door leading into it and looked across at a man similarly armed. I've never fought another man in my life. As we approached each other with weapons drawn, I heard a spectator yell "Now let's see what the barbarians can do!"

1st Match

I rolled Rep 3 to begin with, so I figured an untested meager fisherman would be a way to start this campaign. I rolled a Rep 4 for my opponent. A small man named Lurio. I was bigger than he, but he was more experienced. It would make us equal in combat but since he was Rep 4, he had more attack dice than me. Neither of us have any armour or helmet, just a gladius and large shield to begin with. The Romans apparently want to see what we're made of...
Attack Dice:
Lurio 20
Salvanius 15

Turn 1 Initiative-Lurio
Lurio moved forward to engage...I moved forward to meet him...trying too hard, I overswung and missed wildly, while the smaller Lurio ducked and slashed toward my left leg. I was able to block with my shield at the last second...

but in doing so, I was knocked off balance and fell onto my back, burning an additional attack die...oh boy, what a great start...this is nothing like fishing...Lurio immediatelay moved to strike while I was down, but was unable to find an opening.
Attack Dice:
Lurio 17
Salvanius 10

Turn 2 Initiative-Lurio
Lurio maintained the initiative and put alot behind his next attack and struck at my head which I blocked with my shield, but he was able to press his advantage and strike again, putting everything he had into it...he seemed determined to finish this fight before I could regain my feet...the speed of his gladius proved to be too quick as it pierced my belly...I cried out and rolled to my left in an effort to stand but fell back to the sand out of breath and unable to continue...the centurion watching the fight called out, "That's enough." Lurio turned and left the arena as I was helped to my feet by another slave and led back to the barracks. As I left the sand, I heard the centurion say, "You have much to learn. First lesson is that size is not everything. Back to the barracks with you. Heal yourself and your training can begin."
Attack Dice:
Lurio 11
Salvanius 0

I lie in the barracks trying to heal the wound to my belly over the next few months. I begin to run a fever, which the healers are unable to my body temperature continues to rise my body begins to shut down. My final thoughts are of being out on the water, fishing as my vision dims and everything goes black.
Well, that was a short first fight I lose from a belly wound, and miserably fail all 3 of my healing rolls. The manual states that if you fail your 3 healing rolls that you are permanately injured and sold off at your current slave value, but I figured since my healing rolls werent even close to passing, that I eventually died from the wound, maybe from blood poisoning or was a pretty common thing back then, so I think it fits here, even if I didnt want it to happen...but then again that's the world of RSBS...very unforgiving...
Hmmm....I wonder if Salvanius had any brothers... (wink)


  1. At least he put up some kind of a fight...

    Many of my RSBS gladiators were killed or badly mutilated after a few turns. That's a bloody game. Really bloody :)

    Or is it only the problem of my dice rolling? ;)
    Javier had much better luck with his Spartacus campaign...

    Going to play another one?

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  2. Hey there Mahon,
    Yeah, he put up somewhat of a fight I suppose. The lower Rep fights are always a bit tough from having a hard time passing those die rolls. My Rep 3 rolled a 7, 9 and 10 for his recovery rolls...yikes. So yep, you're right, a bloody game...still fun even when bested...makes the wins that much sweeter.

    I'm thinking about continuing this campaign from the perspective of the owner of a gladiator school.

    Thanks for reading.


  3. Oh yes, that's a good idea!

    I've never run such kind of a campaign. Just don't miss the opportunity of playing a larger game with more than 2 models involved. What a bloody mess! And more elements of tactics and manoeuvers are involved. Worth trying.

    Just don't forget to keep posting reports. I'll be waiting for them :)

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  4. Multiple that sounds fun. I'll keep that in mind.

    A new 'familia gladiatoria' coming soon.


  5. Fun little report! Can't wait to finish reading the rulebook so I can play...