Thursday, June 17, 2010

Thinking of starting a gladitorial campaign in ancient Rome...beginning in Britannia...and if I can survive long enough and improve my fighting skills, sail across to the mainland and work my way towards the interior empire and hopefully one day to Rome itself and win my freedom...
Getting a few more gladiator images together so that I can begin this campaign...after that Secutor/Legionaire confrontation, I just have to hope that I can last long enough to improve my skills and make it out of Britannia...the Red Sands, Blue Sky world can be pretty unforgiving, as at times, your fate can be decided by a fickle and unruly crowd...perhaps that line from "Gladiator" was right, "Rome is the mob"...


  1. I think you are on to a very cool idea.

  2. Thanks, LTL Dad...reading BatReps such as yours has given me inspiration to try this