Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Cassius Tyranus

November 106 AD
Southwestern Britannia

As the life of the young fisherman Salvanius left his body, his previous opponent stood in the room's doorway. Lurio watched as he finally succumbed to the wound in his belly. A legionaire walked up to him to inform him that he was summoned.
Just outside the barracks awaited a well-to-do looking Roman citizen. He turned to Lurio as he approached.

"You sent for me?", asked Lurio.
The citizen replied, "I have recently become a lanista and am in need of gladiators. Your recent match was well fought...a good victory."
Lurio looked to him, "I took no pleasure in it, and have no desire to become part of a gladiator school."
"You have no choice in the've already been bought. I am now your dominus. Prepare yourself, we are to depart for Gaul."
When Lurio showed no sign of emotion, the citizen continued, "Be happy young one. This is a good day. You are to help spread my name throughout the republic. Welcome to my familia gladiatoria. I am Cassius Tyranus."

The new Ludus of Cassius Tyranus is starting in the "fringe of the empire" locale, so begins with 5,000 aurei.
The gladiators of House Tyranus:

Lurio, Rep 4 Retarius (due to his small size, he is to be trained as a Retarius...armed with a trident and net to keep his opponents from getting too close and hopefully trip them up).
Cost: 470

Avitus, Rep 4 Secutor (average size male)
Cost: 490

Tullio, Rep 4 Murmillo (a large man, sometimes referred to as "Tullio the Titan"...Cassius has high hopes for this one)
Cost: 520

Severus, Rep 4 Dimachaerus (average size male)
Cost: 470

Marcus Rusonius, Rep 4 Condemned Legionary (average sized free man who has been condemned to slavery and quickly purchased by House Tyranus hoping to profit from his experience in the Roman army)
Cost: 510

Total Cost: 2460 aurei

Cassius will hold the rest back(2540 aurei) to purchase replacements if necessary and to cover the costs of entering his gladiators in each contest.

Ludus Tyranus arrives in Gaul in November 106 A.D., in time for the winter games to be held there in honor of the begins the career of Cassius Tyranus in his quest to be the best lanista with the most well known familia gladiatoria in all of the Republic...

Next up: The Gaul Winter Games


  1. You raise the bar higher and higher. The campaign is going to be a blast!

    This blog becomes one of my favorite readings :)

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  2. Thanks Mahon...anytime someone enjoys reading this, it makes it that much more fun to write...