Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Red Sand, Blue Sky Gladiator Pics

With the release of Two Hour Wargame's title of" Red Sun, Black Moon"(the companion title to Red Sand, Blue Sky, gladiator combat in ancient Rome, and one of my favorites of THW) coming soon, it inspired me to try to finish my Vassal mod for Red Sand, Blue Sky (RSBS)...since I can't paint minis worth a dang, I use Vassal to play out THW's titles, all which have solo rules that are really well done and a blast to play.

For RSBS, there are six basic gladiators...I've put together pics of them below in a basic fighting stance to give an idea of what they look like and what they are armed with and the types of armor they wear.  The Top-down view next to each one is what the playing piece will look like in the arena.   The Six gladiators are as follows...

Red Sun, Black Moon will feature gladiator combat in a fantasy setting...ogres, elves, goblins etc...can't wait for that one.  Maybe I can have a net-wielding retarius sizing up against a massive club-wielding ogre...

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