Saturday, April 14, 2012

RSBS Gladiator Stat Cards

Ok, I was thinking I needed a way to keep track of a gladiator's wounds and bonus dice during a match in my Vassal mod for Red Sand, Blue Sky.  Also a reference as to what type of armor he/she is wearing and on what part of their body.  So I put together "Stat Cards" for each individual gladiator.

The stat card pics look like this...

Each body part is labeled with 3 boxes underneath.  The first box on the left(the grey shaded box) will have the type of armor that is being worn.  Each type of armor is represented by a letter where "L" is leather, "A" is metal, and "A+" is extra heavy metal(in the case of some types of helmet, and "U" will be unarmored.  On the bottom where the "Right Leg" and "Left Leg" boxes are, the upper and lower grey shaded boxes refer to the upper and lower parts of the leg.  

The middle box will be the starting strength number for that body part.  The right box will indicate any wounds that have been taken during the match and will have red numbers to represent wounds taken, if any.  

The 3 boxes in the left center of the card labeled Sv, St and Sp are the gladiator's Savvy, Strength and Speed stats.  They range in number from 1 to 7. 

The Bonus Dice boxes have the shaded box to represent the gladiator's starting bonus dice and the box on the right will be their current bonus dice amount that will go up and down during the match depending on their actions( a good way to represent fatigue).

Each gladiator will have their own personal stat card with their picture on it and stating what type it is(retarius, murmillo, etc.) and the player will be able to put the gladiator's name and any signatures they have at the bottom of the card.

So for example, we have a retarius named Graccus with a Savvy of 4, Strength of 3 and Speed of 3. He has the "Agile" signature. His card will look like this at the beginning of the match.

So we have Graccus the retarius who is agile.  He has metal armor on his right arm and leather armor over his belly.  Everywhere else is unarmored.  Since the match hasn't started yet, he has all 10 of his current bonus dice.  The right side (white) bonus dice box is the one that will change the most as it will go up and down many times during a match from all the actions he will take.  

If Graccus were to take a wound to his right arm, for example, it would look like this...

If that red number were to reach 3(3 wounds to the right arm) then his right arm would become useless and he would be in trouble.

If Graccus was trained as a Thraex, his stat card would look like this...

 You can see his upper legs are wrapped in leather, as denoted by the "L" in the upper right and left leg grey shaded boxes while his lower legs have metal armor, "A".  Also, he has a helmet that protects his entire head, "A+".  (I would feel safer with this type as he is better protected...but then again, that retarius has a net that he can entangle opponents in).

Next, I'll post an example fight to show the mod in action...thanks for stopping by.


  1. Thanks,Koba...I guess I could make the Vassal mod downloadable if any one is interested in giving it a go. I use it myself cuz I can't paint minis and the 3D art programs are fun to play with.