Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Retarius vs. Secutor

For this match, I chose to do a classic.  The net-wielding Retarius vs the large shield of the Secutor.  Both gladiators are being run by the game mechanics.  I rolled each of them up on the "Heart of the Empire" table in the RSBS rulebook.  Both fighters came up empty on the "Signature" table, and both have attributes of, Savvy-5, Strength-4, and Speed-4.

And the arena...

Well, a quick match that saw the secutor using a lot of his bonus dice in Turn 1 to gain position, but missing terribly on the ensuing attack, causing him a crippling wound to his shield arm.  By the time he regained his feet, he was nearly exhausted, and had to use his last bit of energy to dodge the net thrown by Agrippa.  Now I just need to possibly add some pics to represent gladiators that have dropped their shields and maybe the pics of the shields themselves laying in the sand where they are dropped.  Hope you enjoyed the fight and thanks for stopping by.


  1. Great match! Congratulations Agrippa!

  2. Thanks, Tito...was fun to of my favorites from Two Hour Wargames.

    The poor attack from the secutor in turn 2 was the turning point...he never recovered from that.